Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Managerial mutterings

After 6:45am phone call from work this morning, where some, not so funny, guy informed me that one of my application servers is down.. (not before he asked me how I was doing?) I could not sleep and I started to ponder, what will happen next with Chelsea, who will replace Guus? He did do an amazing job considering all of the mess our World Cup winning manager has left us in. Is it going to be another Dutchman? Moyes? Jose coming back? Avi?!? :) If we're to believe The Sun, Carlo Ancelotti has said that he will take Chelsea job. Details are yet to be ironed out in regards to backroom staff. It is yet to be determined whom Carlo will be allowed to bring with him. It is not unusual for new manager to bring in his own staff. In any case, Roman has been after Carlo for some time now and if his intuition is as good as with Guss, it might be exciting next couple of seasons for us Chelsea fans. Real indication would be next AC Milan's game, Carlo is planning farewell to AC Milan fans. He is to join Paolo Maldini (who is retiring) on the pitch after the club's next home league match against Roma this Sunday, to say goodbye to the supporters.
On another note, Becks (David Beckham) has warned Chelsea players that Carlo has another side to him. Basically, expect 'hairdryer' type treatment if not performing well. Something tells me that Guus also might be using same type of treatment thus players are already used to it.
Carlo is not the only manager rumored to move to the pastures greener. It seems, Arsenal's Wenger is at least pondering about a move to Spain. You see, now that Perez is back in Madrid's boardroom it makes coaching there much more tempting. If Wenger is serious, this is certainly bad news for us non-Gooners, with new coach, Arsenal might actually start winning some trophies.
It is certain that Juventus will have new coach next season as Claudio Rainieri has been sacked. Whole affair is starting to become quite ugly as reportedly Rainieri is ready to sue Old Lady. Brr.

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