Monday, July 6, 2009

Carlo's first press conference

Carlo Ancelotti faced media for a first time as a Chelsea manager today. He must have surprised some with his good command of English language, which is a bit of scary resemblance to Scolari, whom also surprised few during his first press conference.
Carlo started with usual pleasantries, just as any other managers first press conference, he mentioned how nice 'It is nice to be here', how 'I am very happy to be here' and that he is looking forward to new 'adventure and opportunity'. 'I want today to speak English and learn English. For me today it is important' he added.
'I think in one month or two months I will speak better, it is not easy but I want to do this because I am in England now and I want a good relationship with all the press.' He seems like a determined person and there is little doubt that he will speak english very well. After all, practice makes perfect.
When asked about John Terry, he said 'I think that John Terry is symbol of this team,' with slight grin he continued, 'I don't know if he will be the captain next season..' then after slight pause 'naturally I am joking, I like to joke in the press conference', which borough chorus of laughter. 'He will be captain next time in the future, he is a symbol, he said that he wants to stay forever in Chelsea and we want to keep him forever, it's normal. Now there is a question of Manchester City, the price, for Terry, no price. There is no price for Terry. Terry will be the captain of Chelsea forever!'. This should put an end to ambitious Man City's attempt to lure JT to 'sunny Manchester'.
When asked about Pato or Maldini, Carlo said that he 'don't want to speak the name of the players. The Club controls the market, we have the time, if there is a good situation for us we can do something to improve things. Pato and Pirlo are Milan players'.
When asked if he thinks that there will be many changes, after quick glance at the translator he said 'no i don't think so, Chelsea is a great team now'. He wen't on to mention all of the Semi's we were in past 5 years and added 'If you can improve things, will be better for me and for the club. If it's not possible, I think that Chelsea have alot of chance to win'.
So far so good Carlo.

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