Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Somehow we still remain atop the league..

After tie with bottom feeders West Ham, Carlo declared:
“We didn't play a good match. What happened in the first half was not good.
“The second half was better, but we came up against a strong team, a tough team, who put a lot of pressure on our midfield.”
Is it just me or this is becoming a recording...? C'mon Carlo! We all watch games, we all can see that we're not playing well. Since loss at Man City, we've been struggling against any teams that has pressure on our midfield. If not for Frank Lampard's heroics, we'd be talking about a loss.
Carlo also mentioned fatigue. Players are tired... once again, bit of obvious news there, but aren't other teams tired too? Surely, some teams might not play as many games as not every team is competing for all of them Cups, but also let's consider the fact that some teams have injury crisis bar none. West Ham is one of those tams. Yet, we see fully motivated team doing all they can do to salvage every point. We had a golden chance to go 6 points above Man United whom struggling on their own. I am starting to think that Carlo has issues motivating players, could it be language barrier or is it plain and simple as our players getting old? So many of them are playing out of their preferred positions.
How I miss days of Robben and Duff terrorizing defenses. We need someone to step up or purchase someone capable of magic, during winter transfer window. We can only rely so much on our Right/Left Backs to offer width. Yet, Carlo remains adamant that we do not need any new signings... Secretly I hope it's a smokescreen.

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