Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chelsea rolling, TFC trolling

Wile Carlo's Chelsea is showing rest of the league how it's done with another 6 goal performance, Preki's Toronto FC can't buy a win on the road.
Sure, we can blame shady ref or diving bastards from Panama. We can blame plastic pitch, lack of supporters or the fact that it was Tuesday it won't change a thing. CONCACAF is a joke.

To those whom somehow managed to watch TFC's game till the end, MLSE should be sending free tickets to the upcoming CCL matches. It was as painful as watching Ovrebo's 'refereeing' against team that shall not be named.

Preki should be questioned about whole team motivation and squad selection. Having 2 reds didn't help and some would argue that he was right to field bunch of kids instead of first team. With Mista supposedly lacking game form, what's better way to regaining in other than playing?

Where do we go from here? In regards to Chelsea, it's Stoke at the Bridge. Quite a few expecting another 6 goal performance. I'd ask them to get off their high horse and be a bit more realistic. Anything above 2 goals is a huge bonus, don't get greedy!

TFC... well, it's a date with Real Salt Lake. Surely we won't loose 3 games in a roll...

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