Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kenyons departure and spanking of Spurs

Rumors were going on for some time that Kenyon will be leaving Chelsea. Some blogs were expecting him to resign right after FA Cup victory. I suppose negotiations went on longer than expected... Mr. Kenyon will still represent CFC's interest as a non executive director. With his contacts in UEFA he is best person suited to resolve whole Kakuta ban mess. It is his mess to deal with regardless, whatever happens on your watch is your responsibility.
Don't think I can complain about his tenure, team is "almost" profitable, we've established ourselves as a force in EPL and Europe. Top three became top four with Chelsea as a member of the elite club. I am not crediting Kenyon with all of success, it's up to the boys on the pitch and countless managers we've had. Best thing Kenyon did is to hire Jose, it's too bad whole thing went sour eventually. in any case, farewell to Peter, see you in Manchester City in a year or two.
I don't know much about gentleman taking over Kenyon's job, thus not going to comment about him.
Over the weekend, I had to order yet another channel to be able to watch Chelsea game live. I am sick and tired not being able to watch EPL and Cup games on demand. Technology allows it, it's been proven to us during last World Cup, you could watch any game you want, whenever you want. Football lovers paradise....
Back to the game. I was worried prior to it, Spurs started very well and lost only to United. Defoe has been scoring like a madman and whole team has pace to be envious of. How would we cope with it? Will Petr have another brain cramp? Will ref be as biased as that silly Dane?
All questions were answered during the game. Ashley's header was fantastic. All thanks to Bosingwa bombing up and down the field. I can't believe how much energy him and Ashle have. I think I know why they are so damn fit.. ;) Did you see Bosingwa's shot that hit the corner of the net? Fantastic.. too bad it wasn't a goal.
Second goal was due to fantastic team effort and never die attitude Chelsea players display every game. Lamps recovered what seem to be dead ball and Ballack did well to press into the box to score.
Third goal was Drogba's ability and his pace. Surely he go lucky, but that's part of it all. Perhaps, we were lucky when Riccy's tackle on Keane was not punished, with a penalty. Certainly I've seen penalties given for players going down with no contact whatsoever... But it's certainly Spurs are lucky when refs missed a handball in the box. Penalties certainly cancel each other.
In the end, it's great to see Spurs spanked, they will do well to break into top 6 this year.
On to Carling Cup this Wednesday, wish me luck trying to find game broadcast anywhere in Canada.

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