Monday, September 28, 2009

Youngsters win, vets seem to be upset about it...

That is correct, injected with youth Chelsea team beat QPR, early last week, to book a place in 4th round of Carling Cup.
 Borini, promising Italian striker has made his debut along with Sam Hutchinson, who's been with Chelsea since his 8th birthday. Young defender did well in place of certain john Terry.
 Nearly forgotten Paulo Ferreira started his first game for some time along with ones of Zhirkov and Joe Cole. Kalou had number of chance and converted one of them with a well placed shot. There were number of other chances to score, Borini's and Joe Coles chances come to mind.

 All was well, Bridge was singing... Evil Wigan, was plotting against us!

Truth be told, I've missed game against Wigan. Live feed was nowhere to be found, commies at CRTC rejoice! In this day of age, with all of the technology, we still do not have choice to watch all of the games live. Heck, I'll pay for it, surely others will too. In any case, I have missed what seem to be quite horrible Chelsea performance. Drogba called it his "worst game in Chelsea shirt".. Our beloved Captain wasn't happy with our work ethic. Wigan fans gloat, and they should be doing so.
 My first thought was, "oh no, Scolari, all over again..." Fair or not to Ancelotti, I can't help myself. Chelsea brought this type of thinking on to themselves! All of them managerial changes.
 Then I tough, it's just veteran players having a "hissy fit". Being unhappy with not being played at all times, they miss Jose's "untouchable's".
 Don't think that I'll be watching replay of this game. Only if Setanta would broadcast Chelsea TV NOT at 2am. You know, some people don't have PVR and have to wake up for work! I feel victimized! Whaaaa!
 Oh, last but not least. Petr decided to get a red card and get suspended. Fantastic! We're playing certain team in red this weekend, the one from Liverpool. Guess Turnbull will be sitting on the bench for this one.

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