Monday, September 14, 2009

Petrs brain cramp, Gael and shadow of Ovrebo

Starting new job and all that good stuff leaves you with less time to blog :)

Quite a few tings went on since my last post, FIFA handed Chelsea a transfer ban, we've won few more games, England qualified for the World Cup...

It's Monday night and I JUST watched Stoke game. Wife wanted to go to this huge antique sale, which we did. Unfortunately I've missed all live games, things we do for our better halves.

Speaking of the Stoke game, Kalou's yellow card for "blocking" Rory "I have no skill" Delap's throw, was it just? I am not aware of the rule where you have to stand back few meters away and allow a throw from a sideline (similar to indoor soccer rules).
Overall, refs performance was not bad, certainly it cannot be compared to Ovrebo's so called "performance". Speaking of Champions League, we're playing Porto tomorrow. Drogs and Bosingwa has to sit this one out due to suspensions after last game vs Barcelona. Whatever happened with Ovrebo? Slap on a wrist or a pat on the back? His shadow looms large over the Bridge, ref tomorrow evening will be under the microscope. Hopefully he will make us forget the pain every Chelsea fan has experienced during Barca's game. Platini must have been happy though. Enough about that, it brings bad memories and desire to avoid Champions League games in future. Heineken, sorry but I will not be buying any of your beer any time soon ;)
Back to the Stoke game. Did Petr have a brain cramp or what? Past few years he has been known to make silly mistakes, this certainly another one. Hopefully he's got it out of his system. We can't afford any mental lapses against Porto, good start is crucial to our goal of winning the CL.

FIFA's ban was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? I wonder how Gael feels, he can't play either... why punish player 2 years later? He was 16 year old kid and even if he did breach his so called contract, surely there are other ways to make a point or punish so called guilty parties. I feel your pain Gael and don;t worry, you'll be playing soon and surely will be impressing Carlo and rest of the World.

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