Friday, October 16, 2009

Canoe trip and trashing of LFC

I am back. It was very good canoe trip, fall colours are spectacular...

It was slightly cold, made me realise that it is very important to have appropriate gear for this type of adventure. Lots of portages, got to "meet" couple of moose:

Interesting creatures they are, little bit scary paddling right next to it though, when you know there is not help near by and closes vehicle is at least 3 hours away.
 Rain was unwelcome but in October one cannot expect not to get wet during such trips.
 Got back to the "civilization" tired and smelling of smoke, we stopepd at a pub for some dinner fairly late at night, was afraid even to think at what might have happened in the morning at Stamford Bridge...
 Since I live in hockey crazed country, it took good hour for TSN finally show highlights of the game... Let me say that I got few odd looks when I screamed loud "YES! Way to go boys!"... It didn't matter, I was happy as a fat kid in the candy store!
 Finally got to see complete game following Wednesday, for some strange reason Setanta decided to show Chelsea TV at 3am EST.. Call me crazy, but I woke up, watched teh game and went back to sleep for a few extra hours. you know, to me it was worth it. What a fantastic performance by Chelsea... how good was our defence, especially in the first. It took "mighty" Liverpool 29 minutes to have first shot on the net! It could have been me in the net instead of Hilario (not a good idea).
 Surely we were lucky not to concede, especially when Yossi missed sure goal, but it doesnt' matter, this is football. If you can't hit the net, you don't deserver a goal.

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