Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John's perfect answer

"Classy" paper News of the World broke news of alleged Terry's romance with Wayne Bridge's ex- girlfriend. (Everyone knows that NotW is nothing more than bunch of profiteering scum). We surely don't know all of the details, but it's a mess and it's making all kinds of headlines in England. You see, John is married..
With adultery websites booming, it's no wonder there is so much attention to this. Personally, I could care less about such issues. I don't care if my neighbor sleeps with his wife or cousin. I don't care if Tiger sleeps with his wife or some sluts. I don't care if Bill Clinton likes to snowball Monika or not, it's not my business. All I know, footballers are human and expecting them to be perfect is just idiotic. Yes, kids look up to them, but would it not make sense to keep the trash away from papers? Shield them from all the sex talk? Isn't it all about actions on the field?
Speaking of actions on the field, John had perfect answer to all of his "critics", he scored winning goal. Once again he proved that he can put away off field matters, that he can deal with pressure, that he's the best man for the job as Chelsea and England captain.

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