Friday, February 5, 2010

The King is dead, or is he?

Here we are, Capello has bowed to the pressures by his Overlords.. Terry has been sacked as England's captain. Rio is next in line and God forbid he does anything wrong.. (some would argue he does many things right to begin with.) In any case, here you have it, those who cried for Terry's sacking got their wish. Now what?
It's amusing to me, that Terry's "affair" is yet to be proven (I might eat my own words eventually), yet we're jumping to all kinds of conclusions. English media are scavengers, worse than divorce lawyers and used car salespeople. They will create things from thin air without any proof, if you don't believe me just read trade speculations...
But it's not just papers, it's the readership, people who eat all this crap day and night.. after all, England is trash paper central and there is good reason for that.
It's amusing to know that adultery sites are booming in UK, yet Terry is being crucified for it, may I stress once again, for his alleged adultery.
Even if he did cheat on his hottie wife, we don't know the half of it. How do we know Bridge didn't know about his ex and John? We just assume.. As Kid Rock's song goes: "F*ck them, they don't know the half of it".
I wish people would just stop believing everything that's written in papers. Do we live in Soviet Union and read "Pravda" (Truth) news paper? Let's get real here.
Not for one second I believe that John will not give his 100% for National Team. Not for a second I believe that there will be any serious rift in the dressing room. IF Wayne and John have an issue, let them duke it out in the corner, man to man, surely it will get settled. If dogs can do this, surely they can too ;)
I also think Capello is much smarter than many of us think he is. If we're to learn anything about Capello, he can admit to his mistakes, just think of Beckham saga...
Yes, The King is dead, or is he? I say play on John, prove Capello wrong, doubt Rio will last long.


  1. We've found out what REALLY happened to JT when he met Capello at Wembley:

  2. Scandalous!
    Surprised NofW are not offering you lots of money for the story ;)