Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wenger knows!

Arsenal fans have a banner that states, "Wenger Knows". I do wonder if it will disappear soon.
Chelsea, once again, beat Arsenal this past Sunday. Since then, quite a few Gooner sites/blogs started to point blaming finger at Wenger! Others even saying that Wenger should go! Could it be true that Wenger's time at Arsenal coming to an end?
Those who call for his resignation, should be careful as to what they wish for. Thinking that new manager will automatically improve your team is quite foolish. Sure, team might perform well first couple of games, but there are no guarantees it will last. Just think of Scolari... such a great start and look at what happened later. Shamelessly dropped as a manager, only months into his new gig.
I am also a bit selfish and glad to see Arsenal struggle. They have been knocked out of Carling and FA Cup's and now are "outsiders" for the EPL crown this season. With 13 games to go, they do have a chance, but if they loose against Liverpool on Wednesday, watch out Arsene.
Only salvation this season would be Champions League glory. But, unless injured bodies will start coming back, it's hard to see Arsenal progressing too far in the competition. Surely Wenger knows it!

After Chelsea game this Sunday, Le Prof moaned about refs and accused Chelsea of "not giving a demonstration of football". I suppose his teams demonstration of football was so much better, hence the result.
I did enjoy Carlo's response, he said that "Football is attack, defense, keeping possession when you need, and results also".
Surely Wenger knows that Ancelotti is right, yet he will whine on and on, must be his age or something. Or is it frustration? He knows that his teams of late, play pretty passing football, but have hard time coping with more physical teams.

Wenger knows that Arsenal is one man team! Even when Fab and dinky commie are playing, they are completely different beast with RVP in the starting lineup.

Wenger knows that his policies will be scrutinized, especially if they fail to beat re surging Liverpool tomorrow.
Failure to bring in troop replacements will also be questioned, 36 year old relic can't be the answer to his flailing defensive line.

But it's a OK, Gooner folk! Keep on blindly believing in him. Don't question him. Adore and worship him. Let him continue as is... non Arsenal fans surely enjoy current state of affairs ;)

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