Monday, September 28, 2009

Youngsters win, vets seem to be upset about it...

That is correct, injected with youth Chelsea team beat QPR, early last week, to book a place in 4th round of Carling Cup.
 Borini, promising Italian striker has made his debut along with Sam Hutchinson, who's been with Chelsea since his 8th birthday. Young defender did well in place of certain john Terry.
 Nearly forgotten Paulo Ferreira started his first game for some time along with ones of Zhirkov and Joe Cole. Kalou had number of chance and converted one of them with a well placed shot. There were number of other chances to score, Borini's and Joe Coles chances come to mind.

 All was well, Bridge was singing... Evil Wigan, was plotting against us!

Truth be told, I've missed game against Wigan. Live feed was nowhere to be found, commies at CRTC rejoice! In this day of age, with all of the technology, we still do not have choice to watch all of the games live. Heck, I'll pay for it, surely others will too. In any case, I have missed what seem to be quite horrible Chelsea performance. Drogba called it his "worst game in Chelsea shirt".. Our beloved Captain wasn't happy with our work ethic. Wigan fans gloat, and they should be doing so.
 My first thought was, "oh no, Scolari, all over again..." Fair or not to Ancelotti, I can't help myself. Chelsea brought this type of thinking on to themselves! All of them managerial changes.
 Then I tough, it's just veteran players having a "hissy fit". Being unhappy with not being played at all times, they miss Jose's "untouchable's".
 Don't think that I'll be watching replay of this game. Only if Setanta would broadcast Chelsea TV NOT at 2am. You know, some people don't have PVR and have to wake up for work! I feel victimized! Whaaaa!
 Oh, last but not least. Petr decided to get a red card and get suspended. Fantastic! We're playing certain team in red this weekend, the one from Liverpool. Guess Turnbull will be sitting on the bench for this one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kenyons departure and spanking of Spurs

Rumors were going on for some time that Kenyon will be leaving Chelsea. Some blogs were expecting him to resign right after FA Cup victory. I suppose negotiations went on longer than expected... Mr. Kenyon will still represent CFC's interest as a non executive director. With his contacts in UEFA he is best person suited to resolve whole Kakuta ban mess. It is his mess to deal with regardless, whatever happens on your watch is your responsibility.
Don't think I can complain about his tenure, team is "almost" profitable, we've established ourselves as a force in EPL and Europe. Top three became top four with Chelsea as a member of the elite club. I am not crediting Kenyon with all of success, it's up to the boys on the pitch and countless managers we've had. Best thing Kenyon did is to hire Jose, it's too bad whole thing went sour eventually. in any case, farewell to Peter, see you in Manchester City in a year or two.
I don't know much about gentleman taking over Kenyon's job, thus not going to comment about him.
Over the weekend, I had to order yet another channel to be able to watch Chelsea game live. I am sick and tired not being able to watch EPL and Cup games on demand. Technology allows it, it's been proven to us during last World Cup, you could watch any game you want, whenever you want. Football lovers paradise....
Back to the game. I was worried prior to it, Spurs started very well and lost only to United. Defoe has been scoring like a madman and whole team has pace to be envious of. How would we cope with it? Will Petr have another brain cramp? Will ref be as biased as that silly Dane?
All questions were answered during the game. Ashley's header was fantastic. All thanks to Bosingwa bombing up and down the field. I can't believe how much energy him and Ashle have. I think I know why they are so damn fit.. ;) Did you see Bosingwa's shot that hit the corner of the net? Fantastic.. too bad it wasn't a goal.
Second goal was due to fantastic team effort and never die attitude Chelsea players display every game. Lamps recovered what seem to be dead ball and Ballack did well to press into the box to score.
Third goal was Drogba's ability and his pace. Surely he go lucky, but that's part of it all. Perhaps, we were lucky when Riccy's tackle on Keane was not punished, with a penalty. Certainly I've seen penalties given for players going down with no contact whatsoever... But it's certainly Spurs are lucky when refs missed a handball in the box. Penalties certainly cancel each other.
In the end, it's great to see Spurs spanked, they will do well to break into top 6 this year.
On to Carling Cup this Wednesday, wish me luck trying to find game broadcast anywhere in Canada.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

UEFA Diving League has started!

Have you noticed how fast Eduardo's ban has been overturned? Watching first games from the UEFA Diving Legue, oh I am sorry, Champions League made it all clear. If they'd ban Eduardo, they would have to ban at least 10 more players... Not sure whom should be getting Gold medal for best dive though. Seria A always put out strong teams full of capable divers followed by strong contenders from Portugal and Spain. We all know whom the usual suspects are, there is no real need to mention them again and again. Seriously, why is so called best league in the World is a showcase for divers and sub par refereeing?
In any case, the show is on the road. First points have been earned, we've earned our is an ugly display against Porto. Past couple of years we have been known to start slow, this time it was weather and few suspensions to blame. It's been a while since I was cursing at the players during the game as much as this game. Way too many missed passes, awkward tackles and unnecessary yellow cards. Ref's performance was descent, don't think he can't be blamed for any yellows.
Nicolas Anelka has made his mark and scored all important goal. On the night he was one of the better players. His pace troubled Porto's defense and it was quite nice touch to score on the rebound. Petr Cech also was one of the stars of the night. He made number of key saves to keep his well deserved shutout. End of the game was a bit alarming to me. Porto was pressing for equalizer and we've failed to keep the ball. I also thought that we actualy lacked pace. Ballack's performance was great but his age is starting to show. Bosingwa was certainly missed.
Carlo said it's good to win ugly, how true.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Petrs brain cramp, Gael and shadow of Ovrebo

Starting new job and all that good stuff leaves you with less time to blog :)

Quite a few tings went on since my last post, FIFA handed Chelsea a transfer ban, we've won few more games, England qualified for the World Cup...

It's Monday night and I JUST watched Stoke game. Wife wanted to go to this huge antique sale, which we did. Unfortunately I've missed all live games, things we do for our better halves.

Speaking of the Stoke game, Kalou's yellow card for "blocking" Rory "I have no skill" Delap's throw, was it just? I am not aware of the rule where you have to stand back few meters away and allow a throw from a sideline (similar to indoor soccer rules).
Overall, refs performance was not bad, certainly it cannot be compared to Ovrebo's so called "performance". Speaking of Champions League, we're playing Porto tomorrow. Drogs and Bosingwa has to sit this one out due to suspensions after last game vs Barcelona. Whatever happened with Ovrebo? Slap on a wrist or a pat on the back? His shadow looms large over the Bridge, ref tomorrow evening will be under the microscope. Hopefully he will make us forget the pain every Chelsea fan has experienced during Barca's game. Platini must have been happy though. Enough about that, it brings bad memories and desire to avoid Champions League games in future. Heineken, sorry but I will not be buying any of your beer any time soon ;)
Back to the Stoke game. Did Petr have a brain cramp or what? Past few years he has been known to make silly mistakes, this certainly another one. Hopefully he's got it out of his system. We can't afford any mental lapses against Porto, good start is crucial to our goal of winning the CL.

FIFA's ban was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? I wonder how Gael feels, he can't play either... why punish player 2 years later? He was 16 year old kid and even if he did breach his so called contract, surely there are other ways to make a point or punish so called guilty parties. I feel your pain Gael and don;t worry, you'll be playing soon and surely will be impressing Carlo and rest of the World.