Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chelsea rolling, TFC trolling

Wile Carlo's Chelsea is showing rest of the league how it's done with another 6 goal performance, Preki's Toronto FC can't buy a win on the road.
Sure, we can blame shady ref or diving bastards from Panama. We can blame plastic pitch, lack of supporters or the fact that it was Tuesday it won't change a thing. CONCACAF is a joke.

To those whom somehow managed to watch TFC's game till the end, MLSE should be sending free tickets to the upcoming CCL matches. It was as painful as watching Ovrebo's 'refereeing' against team that shall not be named.

Preki should be questioned about whole team motivation and squad selection. Having 2 reds didn't help and some would argue that he was right to field bunch of kids instead of first team. With Mista supposedly lacking game form, what's better way to regaining in other than playing?

Where do we go from here? In regards to Chelsea, it's Stoke at the Bridge. Quite a few expecting another 6 goal performance. I'd ask them to get off their high horse and be a bit more realistic. Anything above 2 goals is a huge bonus, don't get greedy!

TFC... well, it's a date with Real Salt Lake. Surely we won't loose 3 games in a roll...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Few thoughts on todays "performance"...

While we had a few chances early in the game, where I felt, referee deserted us on couple of occasions, we couldn't recover from a goal.
Once again, we've looked uninspired, one dimensional and tired on the road. Bulls of Red were pressing the ball as soon as TFC player would touch it. Lack of creativity and cohesion, turned to be annoying habit of giving ball away to the opposition by the Toronto players. At times, we've even passed to the imaginary winger... only if you could see him, running as hard as he can, sweating...
Constant giveaways and what seem to be low self esteem were true nemesis tonight. Not energy drinker, DP's.
What is a dismal display of an offensive power by TFC tonight, speaks volumes for Preki's offensive "coordination".

Carlo cleaning out the house

It's been a while since my last post. At times I am unsure that I'll continue "writing here", will see.... World Cup ended and there was welcome break of no footy each Saturday. This however has been replaced with Toronto FC games. Once I've discovered U-Sector, I've never looked back. Been to every game but one and plan to attend as many games as possible in future. In any case, Carlo decided to clean the house. Riccy, Ballack, Deco, Belletti and Joey Cole are all gone. No need to go on repeating about what was said in papers for reasons and reactions. Life is life, let's move on.
Yossi comes this way as Liverpool found a nice way to fund Joe Coles expensive stay. Ramires is on the brink of signing with us, which would be quite welcome move. Mikel can't nor should be playing every single game. Also should mention that he's much younger than 'departed ones'.
Personally I'll miss Riccy the most, he's been fantastic workhorse and made JT look so much better. Hopefully Alex (whenever he is back from his injury) and Ivanovic will be able to deal whatever opposing teams will throw at them.
Community Shield game went in Manure's direction. It didn't surprise me and I was expecting 1-3 scoreline. 4 losses in 4 games for Chelsea in pre-season friendlies... alarming sign or a smoke screen? Time will show.

Monday, May 10, 2010


How sweet it is to be a Champion. Fantastic ending to the fantastic season. It was great race till the end, Chelsea ended up on top, deservedly.
Carlo is proving to be a real deal, finally we have a manager whom can be crowned as a King of London! Finally we see United in the rear view mirror, being second in the league... meaning nothing than a fact that they have lost it.
Well done to whole Chelsea FC organization. This is just fabulous to be a blues supporter, only pity is that I am not in London ;)
But the job is not done yet, we have one more hurdle in front of us, FA Cup final... oh how sweet would it be to do a double! History is being made in front of our eyes...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spurs down Citeh

Decided to watch Spurs vs Man City last night. It was a typical delayed-reality viewing. Avoided internet all afternoon, disabled sport updates on my BlackBerry... It was a 10pm showing (repeat) here in Canada.
First period was a bit of a snoozer, teams exchanged few chances but nothing came of it. Game did resemble battle for 4th place. Adebayor kept on getting offside (as many Arsenal fans will gladly point out), hard to believe that he's supposed to be highest paid player in England... Citeh are becoming a poster child for a milking cow, only instead of milk they give out cash....
What's up with Mancini and that scarf of his? Ok, you wear it when it's cold, but now? Rest of the Citeh management/ownership also wear that thing... if these people can't grasp when to wear a scarf, how are they supposed to run a team? :)
Man of the match to me was Peter Crouch. The man resembles bicycle frame but he's got magical feet! Lennon started the game, but failed to impress, perhaps his fitness level is off, not sure if Capello will be picking him for WC.
In any case, don't want to go on forever about this game, congrats to Spurs for "almost" making it into Champions League, Harry deserves it. Next season we'll see what Spuds are made off while having to play more games. Welcome to the big boy league kids.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gary's inability to grow mustache

It really disturbs me the fact that Gary Neville of Manure aka Man Utd can't grow a bloody mustache. Is he plucking them facial hairs away one by one? Seriously, what's his problem?
We all know he's got a big mouth and quite a few people deem his a moron, including his ex-teammate Carlos Tevez. Well, about Carlos we shall talk some other time ;)

P.S. Image (c) Telegraph

Monday, April 12, 2010

We'll meet Avi in FA Cup Final

Something has to be said about Avram Grant's ability to get to finals. He went as far as Champions League Final in 08, we all know how that ended. Pompey dumped sorry Spuds out of FA Cup, which sets all blue Wembley final and a possibility for Avi to loose yet another final ;)
Both games were played on "famous" Wembley pitch, it resembled Japanese TV show, players were sliding all over the place, clumps of pitch were flying, refs missing penalties... I am not going into too much detail of both Semi's, let's say I am happy that Fortune smiled upon us this time!
I was pleasantly surprised to see Drogba come off and Anelka take his place, kudos to Carlo, he sees what Avi seen, Drogs and Nic play better without partnering each other. Not to say that Didier didn't play his part once again, he was the one who scored first goal, which changed whole game, we all secretly knew that Villa will fold if we score.
This weekend got even better once I found out that ManU has dropped points at Blackburn, Fergie hastily declared that we have "easy game vs Bolton"... perhaps a play to relax our players, surely Carlo will not allow that to happen, will he?
I am also hoping that Spurs can give us a bit of favor and beat or tie Arsenal this week.. something that I am not counting on. Surely Wenger will wince and cringe and do everything he can to rally his troops, they need positive result after being dumped from CL by Barca.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Still in line for a double

It has been difficult to see Jose's Inter "killing" Chelsea at the Bridge. Promise is a promise, Jose certainly promised to do so year ago and finally delivered on that promise. This loss was very difficult for each and single Chelsea fan as we've been reminded what we've been missing so much, Jose!
Next League game we've tied against Blackburn, clearly team was still affected by exit from Champions League. What made things worse is that we've managed to drop as low as 3rd in standings, thankfully that didn't last too long. After couple of amazing results, we were facing United at Old Trafford, mission impossible as some would suggest. You could see why, United only lost to Villa this year.. not a bad record if you ask me. In any case, we've emerged as well deserved winners. Some would question officials, Drogba's goal was clear offside, then again Nevilles shoulder barge should have been a penalty. Some would suggest that United deserved a penalty too, but I'd say to those people that diving is a bad karma :)
Kudos should be given to Arsenal, they seemed down and out after we beat them, yet they are only 3 points back, only time will show if "Wenger Knows". Messi have demolished them in the second leg and I should note that Robben scorred a spectacular goal against United to ensure Bayern's progress to the semis of CL.
So here we have it, atop of the league at Easter and facing Villa at Wembeley this Saturday (FA Cup Semis), we're still in hunt for a double!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mixed bag of nuts

It has been quite a few weeks. We've lost to Everton, in a hard though battle. Bounced back by progressing to the next round of FA Cup. Week later, Everton goes on and beats Manchester United, while we take advantage and beat Wolves. If not for Petr Cech, surely we'd not be sitting 4 points clear on top of the League.
In other news, apparently Ashley Cole's marriage is over. According to some "newspapers" in England he's prime rib, ready to be consumed by Barcelona and/or Real Madrid. You see, he's supposedly angry at a supposed fine by a club due to improper conduct...
He's listed at 25 Million pound.... For best left back in the world? Clearly whoever came up with that number didn't sniff enough glue.
Speaking of Spain, it appears Dani Alves welcomes trade talk from Chelsea. I'd not mind seeing him in blue, that's for sure.
Jose Mourinho, current coach of Inter (whom we play tomorrow (Wednesday) in Champions League) cant' stay out of trouble. He's managed to get himself suspended and fined. You see, he's been on ref case for some time now and is doing very good job getting under their skin. In fact so many in Italy are fed up with Jose they will be supporting Chelsea tomorrow. Even current coach of AC Milan will be on our side. How touchy, perhaps he better concentrate on beating United instead...
Ancelotti has been quoted saying that most Italians will be cheering on Chelsea tomorrow, to which Jose suggested that Carlo could be part of anti Inter clan. naturally, Carlo has distanced himself from such suggestion.
I do wonder if those two will ever see eye to eye, probably not.
Tomorrows game is picked as the one to watch, but guess what, here in Canada it will be not that easy to find on TV. Setanta showing another game and regular channels are full of Olympic junk... Internet stream it is!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wenger knows!

Arsenal fans have a banner that states, "Wenger Knows". I do wonder if it will disappear soon.
Chelsea, once again, beat Arsenal this past Sunday. Since then, quite a few Gooner sites/blogs started to point blaming finger at Wenger! Others even saying that Wenger should go! Could it be true that Wenger's time at Arsenal coming to an end?
Those who call for his resignation, should be careful as to what they wish for. Thinking that new manager will automatically improve your team is quite foolish. Sure, team might perform well first couple of games, but there are no guarantees it will last. Just think of Scolari... such a great start and look at what happened later. Shamelessly dropped as a manager, only months into his new gig.
I am also a bit selfish and glad to see Arsenal struggle. They have been knocked out of Carling and FA Cup's and now are "outsiders" for the EPL crown this season. With 13 games to go, they do have a chance, but if they loose against Liverpool on Wednesday, watch out Arsene.
Only salvation this season would be Champions League glory. But, unless injured bodies will start coming back, it's hard to see Arsenal progressing too far in the competition. Surely Wenger knows it!

After Chelsea game this Sunday, Le Prof moaned about refs and accused Chelsea of "not giving a demonstration of football". I suppose his teams demonstration of football was so much better, hence the result.
I did enjoy Carlo's response, he said that "Football is attack, defense, keeping possession when you need, and results also".
Surely Wenger knows that Ancelotti is right, yet he will whine on and on, must be his age or something. Or is it frustration? He knows that his teams of late, play pretty passing football, but have hard time coping with more physical teams.

Wenger knows that Arsenal is one man team! Even when Fab and dinky commie are playing, they are completely different beast with RVP in the starting lineup.

Wenger knows that his policies will be scrutinized, especially if they fail to beat re surging Liverpool tomorrow.
Failure to bring in troop replacements will also be questioned, 36 year old relic can't be the answer to his flailing defensive line.

But it's a OK, Gooner folk! Keep on blindly believing in him. Don't question him. Adore and worship him. Let him continue as is... non Arsenal fans surely enjoy current state of affairs ;)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The King is dead, or is he?

Here we are, Capello has bowed to the pressures by his Overlords.. Terry has been sacked as England's captain. Rio is next in line and God forbid he does anything wrong.. (some would argue he does many things right to begin with.) In any case, here you have it, those who cried for Terry's sacking got their wish. Now what?
It's amusing to me, that Terry's "affair" is yet to be proven (I might eat my own words eventually), yet we're jumping to all kinds of conclusions. English media are scavengers, worse than divorce lawyers and used car salespeople. They will create things from thin air without any proof, if you don't believe me just read trade speculations...
But it's not just papers, it's the readership, people who eat all this crap day and night.. after all, England is trash paper central and there is good reason for that.
It's amusing to know that adultery sites are booming in UK, yet Terry is being crucified for it, may I stress once again, for his alleged adultery.
Even if he did cheat on his hottie wife, we don't know the half of it. How do we know Bridge didn't know about his ex and John? We just assume.. As Kid Rock's song goes: "F*ck them, they don't know the half of it".
I wish people would just stop believing everything that's written in papers. Do we live in Soviet Union and read "Pravda" (Truth) news paper? Let's get real here.
Not for one second I believe that John will not give his 100% for National Team. Not for a second I believe that there will be any serious rift in the dressing room. IF Wayne and John have an issue, let them duke it out in the corner, man to man, surely it will get settled. If dogs can do this, surely they can too ;)
I also think Capello is much smarter than many of us think he is. If we're to learn anything about Capello, he can admit to his mistakes, just think of Beckham saga...
Yes, The King is dead, or is he? I say play on John, prove Capello wrong, doubt Rio will last long.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John's perfect answer

"Classy" paper News of the World broke news of alleged Terry's romance with Wayne Bridge's ex- girlfriend. (Everyone knows that NotW is nothing more than bunch of profiteering scum). We surely don't know all of the details, but it's a mess and it's making all kinds of headlines in England. You see, John is married..
With adultery websites booming, it's no wonder there is so much attention to this. Personally, I could care less about such issues. I don't care if my neighbor sleeps with his wife or cousin. I don't care if Tiger sleeps with his wife or some sluts. I don't care if Bill Clinton likes to snowball Monika or not, it's not my business. All I know, footballers are human and expecting them to be perfect is just idiotic. Yes, kids look up to them, but would it not make sense to keep the trash away from papers? Shield them from all the sex talk? Isn't it all about actions on the field?
Speaking of actions on the field, John had perfect answer to all of his "critics", he scored winning goal. Once again he proved that he can put away off field matters, that he can deal with pressure, that he's the best man for the job as Chelsea and England captain.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Liverpool unveil new Europa League Kit

It is a bit ambitious, as they might not even make it to top 6 next season but nonetheless, take a look at it here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


SFSG - So Far So Good.

I have been pondering if I should keep on blogging, at times it seems as a colossal waste of time, then again it's hard to just shut up and say nothing ;)

We've started year quite well, considering we have Drogba, Kalou, Essien and Mikel missing. It's unfortunate that Essien went under a knife. He will be missed. Ballack will have to play role of defensive midfielder, he is not suited to be a winger due to lack of pace, getting old.
5th round of FA Cup has been secured, we've trashed Sunderland 7-2, our biggest win of Abramovich era! Interestingly enough, Carlo decided to play 4-3-3 vs his beloved diamond... guess diamonds are not forever ;)
Youngster Sturridge has 3 goals in 2 FA Cup matches, good production from a good prospect.. only if he'd be more humble! His cockiness can be very annoying.
Anelka is fit again and as good as ever, he has found his home and playing arguably best football of his life, but there are rumors of his contract negotiations stalling. I do wonder if it's just paper talk vs reality. Speaking of contract talks, Joe Cole is also dew new contract. There are rumors of his potential move to Spurs... yeah right, dream on Spuds fans :)

I was also thinking of sharing articles that catch my attention, not necessary Chelsea related, football in general. For example, I found it amusing Jose declaring, "We could only have lost by having six people on the park, as even with seven, we would have won." Read more

We've briefly dipped to 3rd in the league due to match schedules and a postponement but after beating "Unbeatable" Birmingham yesterday we're back in first place with game in hand, SFSG :)