Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gary's inability to grow mustache

It really disturbs me the fact that Gary Neville of Manure aka Man Utd can't grow a bloody mustache. Is he plucking them facial hairs away one by one? Seriously, what's his problem?
We all know he's got a big mouth and quite a few people deem his a moron, including his ex-teammate Carlos Tevez. Well, about Carlos we shall talk some other time ;)

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Monday, April 12, 2010

We'll meet Avi in FA Cup Final

Something has to be said about Avram Grant's ability to get to finals. He went as far as Champions League Final in 08, we all know how that ended. Pompey dumped sorry Spuds out of FA Cup, which sets all blue Wembley final and a possibility for Avi to loose yet another final ;)
Both games were played on "famous" Wembley pitch, it resembled Japanese TV show, players were sliding all over the place, clumps of pitch were flying, refs missing penalties... I am not going into too much detail of both Semi's, let's say I am happy that Fortune smiled upon us this time!
I was pleasantly surprised to see Drogba come off and Anelka take his place, kudos to Carlo, he sees what Avi seen, Drogs and Nic play better without partnering each other. Not to say that Didier didn't play his part once again, he was the one who scored first goal, which changed whole game, we all secretly knew that Villa will fold if we score.
This weekend got even better once I found out that ManU has dropped points at Blackburn, Fergie hastily declared that we have "easy game vs Bolton"... perhaps a play to relax our players, surely Carlo will not allow that to happen, will he?
I am also hoping that Spurs can give us a bit of favor and beat or tie Arsenal this week.. something that I am not counting on. Surely Wenger will wince and cringe and do everything he can to rally his troops, they need positive result after being dumped from CL by Barca.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Still in line for a double

It has been difficult to see Jose's Inter "killing" Chelsea at the Bridge. Promise is a promise, Jose certainly promised to do so year ago and finally delivered on that promise. This loss was very difficult for each and single Chelsea fan as we've been reminded what we've been missing so much, Jose!
Next League game we've tied against Blackburn, clearly team was still affected by exit from Champions League. What made things worse is that we've managed to drop as low as 3rd in standings, thankfully that didn't last too long. After couple of amazing results, we were facing United at Old Trafford, mission impossible as some would suggest. You could see why, United only lost to Villa this year.. not a bad record if you ask me. In any case, we've emerged as well deserved winners. Some would question officials, Drogba's goal was clear offside, then again Nevilles shoulder barge should have been a penalty. Some would suggest that United deserved a penalty too, but I'd say to those people that diving is a bad karma :)
Kudos should be given to Arsenal, they seemed down and out after we beat them, yet they are only 3 points back, only time will show if "Wenger Knows". Messi have demolished them in the second leg and I should note that Robben scorred a spectacular goal against United to ensure Bayern's progress to the semis of CL.
So here we have it, atop of the league at Easter and facing Villa at Wembeley this Saturday (FA Cup Semis), we're still in hunt for a double!