Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can this week get any better?

Quite a week it has been! Malouda signed new 3 year deal. Since it's his 3rd year in EPL, we are expecting great things from Florent. No more excuses can be made in regards to the "adaptation and pace" of EPL. If he will continue to perform same way as during second half of last season, Zhirkov got a battle on his hands for the starting role. Speaking of Zhirkov, he's yet to get work permit. As a potential KGB agent it's understandable that all precautions must be taken before permit is granted...

To keep re-signing ball rolling, Obi Mikel has agreed to new 5 year deal with us. News of potential deal have been all over the web, yet some papers still ran stories that Mikel is on the brink of leaving Chelsea. Trust but verify mentality should be applied to everything that has been printed in media.

No we're hearing of potential new 3 year deal for Drogs. As we all know, Drogs has been rumored to be re-uniting with Jose for some time now. Well, he kinda did, when we played Inter in California at the Rose Bowl in front of eighty one thousand (81000) spectators. Yet "columnist" such as John Cross still managed to declare No wonder Soccer is not taking off in America. I think word MUPPET should be good enough description of Mr.Cross. Do read comments, they are priceless.

Speaking of our "friendly" with Inter. Things seemed to be quite hot with few pretty ugly tackles flying around, Vieira battle with Mikel comes to mind. In any case, we beat Inter 2 to nil. Naturally Jose declared that he is not worried, but he does look much older and tired. What happened to stylish Jose we all knew? Gone is the tie and nice suit, instead he was sporting pretty ugly tee/jersey. He even threw in Ibrahimovich for last 20 minutes or so, surely his last game for Inter.

I've also learned that myself and Goddess that is Charlize Theron have something in common, we both support Chelsea! Can this week get any better??! Perhaps! Not so trustworthy British papers report that JT might break the silence and commit his future to Chelsea, now that certainly be icing on top of the cake with a cherry!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Strikers galore.

In the global war, that is a transfer market, my money is on Chelsea. While regime change in Madrid spurred extraordinary spending spree, rumored $200 Million dollars of transfer funds available to Ancelotti, is mainly in tact. $36 Million went to Russia for Zhirkov and there will be a fee decided for Sturridge by the tribunal. Approx $160 Million is still generating interest.

We have been linked with all kinds of players, reading papers is becoming colossal waste of time.
According to papers, half of our squad wants to leave CFC. Most likely ones to go appear to be Sheva, Deco and Carvalho, Pizzaro.
Personally, I don't believe into any possibility of a deal with Inter Milan. Jose's departure left a sour taste in a mouth and with Ibra heading to Barcelona, with Eto going the opposite way we can put to bed any rumors of Drogs leaving. I'd be surprised if Carlo will sell Carvalho as we cannot afford potentially lose JT and Riccy at the same time. Rumors of JT's "unhappiness" are all over the papers/net. In a way, it seems like whole bid for Terry story is a reaction to the loss of Sturridge, eye for an eye if you will. Sparky is getting dangerously close to being reported to the FA for tapping up JT but he is not willing to give up the chase of our Captain. Very quickly, Citeh becoming most annoying kid on the block. They way they act, is starting to resemble rich fat and ugly kid that no girls want to be with, thus he is forced to spend large on bunch of floozies instead ;)

Ribery has an eye on Madrid, thus chances of him coming our way are slim to none, especially after reports that Bayern Munich are no longer pursuing Bosingwa.

Potential spot for transfer would be right wing player. Joe Cole is far from 100%, Kalou is not natural right winger. We have excess of strikers that could be used as a collateral for any potential deal.

All this said, it's hard to believe that we're going to sign yet another striker, especially when we have last years Nr'1 striker in Anelka and Drogba as quite formidable strike force. Not to mention Sturridge who showed what he can do against Sounders over the weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stoch loaned to FC Twente

Stoch joined Chelsea from Slovakian team Nitra in 2006, but the youngster has failed to make an impact at senior level so far. The young winger has made only four league appearances for the CFC in the past three seasons.
There were hopes that his fortunes will change this season but once again, Stoch has been loaned out to ex-England boss McClaren's side FC Twente. The-19-year old has signed 1 year loan deal.

Cole suffers another injury setback

Joe will miss Chelseas US tour due to yet another knee surgery.

"In light of his previous surgery, excellent rehab and recent return to full training, this is only a minor setback and we expect Cole to return to full training in approximately one month," the club's website ( said.

Cole ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in an FA Cup tie against Southend United in January.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nemanja Matic claims Chelsea contract

Nemanja Matic, dubbed "Serbian Vieira" claims that he accepted a 4 year contract with Chelsea, as reported by SKY.

Left footed 6.4ft central midfielder is only 20 years old and if this is true he will be yet another youngster joining Blues. Deal is not complete yet, as talks are ongoing about his transfer fee.

He has played twice for the full Serbian national team, the full 90 minutes against Poland last December and then 27 minutes of a friendly with Cyprus in February. A number of other clubs were interested in Matic including CSKA Moskow, Tottenham and Genoa but Chelsea seems to have won the race to sign him.

Matic's signing would indicate that Chelsea is in next stage of evolution. Veteran core squad would help nurture future stars.

Guess Fergie will not be able to claim that Chelsea is old, but surely he will find something else to moan about, just like the other day when he claimed "transfer market madness". Madness which he helped to create by buying Berbatov for 60 Million dollars and selling Ronaldo for 160 Million.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zhirkov is a blue

Carlo Ancelotti's first signing is PFC CSKA Moskva's Yuri Zhirkov. Dubbed "Russian Ronaldinho" he is certainly a versatile player who can operate anywhere on a left side. He was played out of position by Guus during Euro in 2008 as a left back but natrally is a left-sided midfielder.
The 25-year-old started his career with FC Spartak Tambov. His first coach Valeri Sharapov spotted Yuri's gift. "His control of the ball is a natural gift," he said. "Even after training, he stayed outside to play with his friends and went to sleep with the ball." In 2001 he had trials with FC Lokomotiv Moskva and FC Spartak Moskva having a look over him before CSKA snapped him up.
He won the Russian Super Cup on his debut for the club in March 2004. Zhirkov went on to win two Premier-Liga titles, three Russian Cups and the 2004/05 UEFA Cup with the CSKA.

CSKA and Serbia midfielder Krasić said: "For me, Yuri is the best footballer in Russia. At the Euro, he showed his class to the world. He also played consistently for the club. I am not surprised Chelsea came in for him. Zhirkov is totally worth it."

There are number of other positive endorcements.
Tottenham's Roman Pavlyuchenko said, "Zhirkov is a great professional. He could become a team leader. The only problem is his knowledge of the English language. If he masters that, all will be well."

Former Manchester United player Andrei Kanchelskis said: “Quality wing players are always appreciated in England. In addition, the main thing in this country is to fight for the whole 90 minutes. Even if you don't succeed, the fans take to you if they see you giving everything for the whole match. They realise you're playing for the shirt and not just taking their money.”

“You don't have to be friends with him (Zhirkov) to realise he is quality, hard-working and modest,”

He added: “He's no poser. And this is sure to be appreciated in his new club. They will like his inexhaustible desire to play football and give 100 per cent.

“Zhirkov can light up the Premier League as vividly as Arshavin. But he must understand that it will be difficult. Eventually everything will be OK. He has enough talent.”

After passing medical exam, Yuri had this to say:
"I'm in a perfect mood right now as I like the way people have welcomed me into the club.

"Although I haven't spent much time here, I have already seen that they have a friendly attitude towards me. I am looking forward to starting my career at Chelsea."

Welcome aboard Yuri, we're looking forward to you bombing down the left flank!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Carlo's first press conference

Carlo Ancelotti faced media for a first time as a Chelsea manager today. He must have surprised some with his good command of English language, which is a bit of scary resemblance to Scolari, whom also surprised few during his first press conference.
Carlo started with usual pleasantries, just as any other managers first press conference, he mentioned how nice 'It is nice to be here', how 'I am very happy to be here' and that he is looking forward to new 'adventure and opportunity'. 'I want today to speak English and learn English. For me today it is important' he added.
'I think in one month or two months I will speak better, it is not easy but I want to do this because I am in England now and I want a good relationship with all the press.' He seems like a determined person and there is little doubt that he will speak english very well. After all, practice makes perfect.
When asked about John Terry, he said 'I think that John Terry is symbol of this team,' with slight grin he continued, 'I don't know if he will be the captain next season..' then after slight pause 'naturally I am joking, I like to joke in the press conference', which borough chorus of laughter. 'He will be captain next time in the future, he is a symbol, he said that he wants to stay forever in Chelsea and we want to keep him forever, it's normal. Now there is a question of Manchester City, the price, for Terry, no price. There is no price for Terry. Terry will be the captain of Chelsea forever!'. This should put an end to ambitious Man City's attempt to lure JT to 'sunny Manchester'.
When asked about Pato or Maldini, Carlo said that he 'don't want to speak the name of the players. The Club controls the market, we have the time, if there is a good situation for us we can do something to improve things. Pato and Pirlo are Milan players'.
When asked if he thinks that there will be many changes, after quick glance at the translator he said 'no i don't think so, Chelsea is a great team now'. He wen't on to mention all of the Semi's we were in past 5 years and added 'If you can improve things, will be better for me and for the club. If it's not possible, I think that Chelsea have alot of chance to win'.
So far so good Carlo.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another day, another signing.

This shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone as this transfer has been well documented, Chelsea FC today has announced that Daniel Sturridge has signed a four year deal. 6 foot 2 forward started his career at Aston Villa with stint at Coventry. When he was 13 he joined Man City Academy where he remained until this year. At the end of the 2008–09 season, the Manchester City fans voted Sturridge as the Manchester City Young Player of the Season.
Signing of the 19 year old, should be welcomed by Chelsea fans as ageing squad is in need of some your injection. Daniels preferred position is forward and his is capable of playing on the wing.
Next order of the business for Carlo surely will be Zhirkov who's signing is highly anticipated within days.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

And first signing of the summer is.. Turnbull

Chelsea FC has made it's first signing of the summer by bringing 24 year old goalkeeper Ross Turnbull on a free transfer from Middlesbrough. This certainly contrasts with Real Madrid's signing spree but move does make sense. We needed a young understudy for Petr Cech as Hilario is 33 years old (he also signed extension to his contract today).
Ross has signed four-year contract.