Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally a win

What a nervous place Bridge was yesterday evening! We've outplayed Pompey, but yet again we found ourselves level after, yet another, set piece blunder. It seems luck is going totally against us these days. Anyone who believes that we're going to be "totally fine" when African Cup starts must be deluded. Without Drogba, we're totally different team, much weaker.
When you think about it, ANY team would miss Drogba. Whatever you think of him, opposing teams count their stars when he is not in the starting lineup.
In any case, we've finally gotten valuable 3 points in the game that was supposed to be a total blowout, after all, Pompey are bottom dwellers and we're league leaders! It's amazing what a loss can do. After our Carling Cup exit, we've not been the same. Loss at Man City highlighted our fragile state. Petr Cech and defense are fighting to regain some sort of composure during set pieces, an ugly flaw that has crippled our team. And when you think that not that long ago we were boasting quite impressive shutout record at the Bridge, it's quite mind baffling that we're so poor as of late. then again, it's all about confidence! not just ours, opposing teams.
Every team watches us and will try to exploit our flaws, it's part of the game. There is no reason for us supporters to give them more ammunition. Booing own team is exactly that ammunition that opposing teams seek. Instead of cheering our team, we opt to silently eat our own fingers and moan about every time our player looses the ball. Bridge resembled a cemetery yesterday.. quite amazing feat when you take in consideration that there were 40000+ spectators... why bother going to the game then?

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