Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mixed bag of nuts

It has been quite a few weeks. We've lost to Everton, in a hard though battle. Bounced back by progressing to the next round of FA Cup. Week later, Everton goes on and beats Manchester United, while we take advantage and beat Wolves. If not for Petr Cech, surely we'd not be sitting 4 points clear on top of the League.
In other news, apparently Ashley Cole's marriage is over. According to some "newspapers" in England he's prime rib, ready to be consumed by Barcelona and/or Real Madrid. You see, he's supposedly angry at a supposed fine by a club due to improper conduct...
He's listed at 25 Million pound.... For best left back in the world? Clearly whoever came up with that number didn't sniff enough glue.
Speaking of Spain, it appears Dani Alves welcomes trade talk from Chelsea. I'd not mind seeing him in blue, that's for sure.
Jose Mourinho, current coach of Inter (whom we play tomorrow (Wednesday) in Champions League) cant' stay out of trouble. He's managed to get himself suspended and fined. You see, he's been on ref case for some time now and is doing very good job getting under their skin. In fact so many in Italy are fed up with Jose they will be supporting Chelsea tomorrow. Even current coach of AC Milan will be on our side. How touchy, perhaps he better concentrate on beating United instead...
Ancelotti has been quoted saying that most Italians will be cheering on Chelsea tomorrow, to which Jose suggested that Carlo could be part of anti Inter clan. naturally, Carlo has distanced himself from such suggestion.
I do wonder if those two will ever see eye to eye, probably not.
Tomorrows game is picked as the one to watch, but guess what, here in Canada it will be not that easy to find on TV. Setanta showing another game and regular channels are full of Olympic junk... Internet stream it is!

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