Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spurs down Citeh

Decided to watch Spurs vs Man City last night. It was a typical delayed-reality viewing. Avoided internet all afternoon, disabled sport updates on my BlackBerry... It was a 10pm showing (repeat) here in Canada.
First period was a bit of a snoozer, teams exchanged few chances but nothing came of it. Game did resemble battle for 4th place. Adebayor kept on getting offside (as many Arsenal fans will gladly point out), hard to believe that he's supposed to be highest paid player in England... Citeh are becoming a poster child for a milking cow, only instead of milk they give out cash....
What's up with Mancini and that scarf of his? Ok, you wear it when it's cold, but now? Rest of the Citeh management/ownership also wear that thing... if these people can't grasp when to wear a scarf, how are they supposed to run a team? :)
Man of the match to me was Peter Crouch. The man resembles bicycle frame but he's got magical feet! Lennon started the game, but failed to impress, perhaps his fitness level is off, not sure if Capello will be picking him for WC.
In any case, don't want to go on forever about this game, congrats to Spurs for "almost" making it into Champions League, Harry deserves it. Next season we'll see what Spuds are made off while having to play more games. Welcome to the big boy league kids.

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