Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can this week get any better?

Quite a week it has been! Malouda signed new 3 year deal. Since it's his 3rd year in EPL, we are expecting great things from Florent. No more excuses can be made in regards to the "adaptation and pace" of EPL. If he will continue to perform same way as during second half of last season, Zhirkov got a battle on his hands for the starting role. Speaking of Zhirkov, he's yet to get work permit. As a potential KGB agent it's understandable that all precautions must be taken before permit is granted...

To keep re-signing ball rolling, Obi Mikel has agreed to new 5 year deal with us. News of potential deal have been all over the web, yet some papers still ran stories that Mikel is on the brink of leaving Chelsea. Trust but verify mentality should be applied to everything that has been printed in media.

No we're hearing of potential new 3 year deal for Drogs. As we all know, Drogs has been rumored to be re-uniting with Jose for some time now. Well, he kinda did, when we played Inter in California at the Rose Bowl in front of eighty one thousand (81000) spectators. Yet "columnist" such as John Cross still managed to declare No wonder Soccer is not taking off in America. I think word MUPPET should be good enough description of Mr.Cross. Do read comments, they are priceless.

Speaking of our "friendly" with Inter. Things seemed to be quite hot with few pretty ugly tackles flying around, Vieira battle with Mikel comes to mind. In any case, we beat Inter 2 to nil. Naturally Jose declared that he is not worried, but he does look much older and tired. What happened to stylish Jose we all knew? Gone is the tie and nice suit, instead he was sporting pretty ugly tee/jersey. He even threw in Ibrahimovich for last 20 minutes or so, surely his last game for Inter.

I've also learned that myself and Goddess that is Charlize Theron have something in common, we both support Chelsea! Can this week get any better??! Perhaps! Not so trustworthy British papers report that JT might break the silence and commit his future to Chelsea, now that certainly be icing on top of the cake with a cherry!

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