Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carlo cleaning out the house

It's been a while since my last post. At times I am unsure that I'll continue "writing here", will see.... World Cup ended and there was welcome break of no footy each Saturday. This however has been replaced with Toronto FC games. Once I've discovered U-Sector, I've never looked back. Been to every game but one and plan to attend as many games as possible in future. In any case, Carlo decided to clean the house. Riccy, Ballack, Deco, Belletti and Joey Cole are all gone. No need to go on repeating about what was said in papers for reasons and reactions. Life is life, let's move on.
Yossi comes this way as Liverpool found a nice way to fund Joe Coles expensive stay. Ramires is on the brink of signing with us, which would be quite welcome move. Mikel can't nor should be playing every single game. Also should mention that he's much younger than 'departed ones'.
Personally I'll miss Riccy the most, he's been fantastic workhorse and made JT look so much better. Hopefully Alex (whenever he is back from his injury) and Ivanovic will be able to deal whatever opposing teams will throw at them.
Community Shield game went in Manure's direction. It didn't surprise me and I was expecting 1-3 scoreline. 4 losses in 4 games for Chelsea in pre-season friendlies... alarming sign or a smoke screen? Time will show.

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