Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Few thoughts on todays "performance"...

While we had a few chances early in the game, where I felt, referee deserted us on couple of occasions, we couldn't recover from a goal.
Once again, we've looked uninspired, one dimensional and tired on the road. Bulls of Red were pressing the ball as soon as TFC player would touch it. Lack of creativity and cohesion, turned to be annoying habit of giving ball away to the opposition by the Toronto players. At times, we've even passed to the imaginary winger... only if you could see him, running as hard as he can, sweating...
Constant giveaways and what seem to be low self esteem were true nemesis tonight. Not energy drinker, DP's.
What is a dismal display of an offensive power by TFC tonight, speaks volumes for Preki's offensive "coordination".

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