Saturday, August 15, 2009

9 minutes of pain

We should have been leading after first minute, but somehow Drogs managed to miss the net. What a start this would have been for Carlo and Drogs! Surely it was some "rust", which must have accumulated around our polished striker during summer holliday.

Hunt, who has been with the Hull City team only for matter of hours, has been given a starting role. He is a feisty player and if this would not have been first game of the season, he might have gotten a red card for a raised foot against Lampard. Every time Hunt touches the ball, chorus of boos echo around the Bridge. Understandable, it was Hunt's knee that knocked out Petr Cech few seasons ago.

Chelsea looks pretty dangerous on the counters, but team seems a bit flat and lacking width. Carlo likes his diamonds, but this formation is yet to ingrain in the minds of Chelsea players. Too many passes go awry, Anelka showing a bit of the same rust that is affecting Drogba. His positioning seems a bit off.

During one of the Hull City's attacks, ball bounces in the Chelsea box and eventually comes to Hunt who does not make a mistake and scores. What a start for him and what a pain for any Chelsea fan to see him score!

Hull has been defending pretty well whole game by putting every man behind the ball. We had so much trouble with breaking teams that used same tactic last season which ultimately cost us EPL title and Scholari his job.

Mikel wins us a free kick close to the box, Lamps and Drogs standing beside the ball as possible kick takers. Whistle, Drogs runs up and places the ball perfectly, game is tied! Hull led for whole 9 minutes. It certainly was 9 minutes of pain.

Ballack comes on for Mikel during the intermission. This should provide us with more of an attacking impetus, but then again, Essien surely will take over Mikel's spot, thus hang back.

Anelka should have scored in the first minute of the second half! Dejavu all over again, few more chances right after that, no goal, must be the rust....

Holly cow, is that Carvalho bombing down the filed along side Anelka? He looks 20 years old. This shows how much we've missed him last season, glad he's healthy and hungry again.

We continue to press, but goal eludes us, must be that damn rust again. Ball possession in second half is 65% for Chelsea. TV commentators keep on mentioning our inability to break down teams last year. Wonder why they keep on mentioning that, thought pops into my mind that they like to torment Chelsea fans. Another thought is to mute the volume, but then I will not be able to hear the crowd... Here is an idea, ability to mute commentators only, not the sounds from the crown and the game.

Attacks, clearances, missed chances. At one point, ball bounces in the Hull box like a pinball, yet we fail to score. Ancelotti trows in Deco for Malouda. Move provides no change in luck.

Hunt being substituted, while he is walking to the bench, crowd saying good bye to him by chanting "Wanker, wanker", I agree with them.

Kalou comes on for Anelka and should have scored with his first touch but he managed to direct his header over the net. 10 minutes to go in the game, my stomach is in my throat but i am still remaining hopeful that we can get a win.

Perhaps Hull should have scored few minutes before the 90th minute mark. Cech and Hull player both receive lengthy treatments by phisio after ball clearing collision at the top of the box.

Refs adding 6 minutes of added time, good news to Chelsea faithful. Game goes one as it went on, Chelsea pressing, Hull defense creaking but holding on. Deco comes close to scoring but misses the net. Oh the agony! We should be winning by at least 2 goals....

I've made peace with idea of a tie when came a breakthrough. Deco's pass finds Drogba, whom appears to attempt a cross from an acute angle, ball sails over the keeper into the net, what a chip it turned out to be. Bridge is in frenzy, 2 - 1 Chelsea. Drogs salutes his extended contract with 2 goal salvo, well done.

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