Tuesday, August 11, 2009

United fans showing true color?

Wow, I can't believe all of the vile that comes from Manchester United loyal. Surely not all of them, but it seems that way. One would think that Ovrebo was a ref and they just lost important Champions League game!
Controversy is due to Ballacks "elbow" on Evra whom went down like a sack of potatoes "injured". You see, Fergie and so many others believe that ref should have stopped the game as he did earlier when Evra stepped on Ballack. 2 incidents have been dissected more than once and are not the same.
First incident, Evra retained the ball, second ball came to United player who not only didn't kick it out of bounds but tried to continue attack, it just happened that he lost it and in the end Lampard scored.
After the game, Fergie even confronted ref and later on said it should have been a red card, well I suppose it's lucky for Chelsea that Fergie was not refereeing game himself, surely he'd be best ref to ever step on the pitch.
Word hypocrisy comes to mind. If United would go on and score, would we hear even one word about this so called "elbow"? I don't think so. You see, United lost! We didn't bow in front of their greatness and ref had different point of view than Fergie. The fact is, ref saw challenge in plain view and chose not to call it. If anything Chelsea fans have learned from Ovrebo, is to live with refs decisions, no matter how hard it might be. Perhaps Fergie and United fans should try that instead of being so arrogant and whiny. Some even went on to call Ballack a "Cheating C**t"...
United fans showing their true color?

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