Friday, August 14, 2009

Lightning doesn't strike twice at the same place

I can't wait for this Saturday, EPL season to start. It will be an early wake up call for me, 7:40am. Not a problem, I miss my early Saturday wake ups, to watch games. When you think about it, it can be perfect beginning to the day (especially if we win ;))
In any case, we're going against Hull, whom surprised more than one EPL team last year. Will this happen this year it remains to be seen, as they say, lightning doesn't strike twice at the same place, right? Surely Chelsea will not make same mistake and take their opponent seriously, especially when the news of certain Hunt joining them from Reading. You know that "helmet" that Cech is sporting, it's due to mr. Hunt. I am hoping that he will not play, as retaliation might be at hand.
As a Chelsea fan, I'd expect us to beat Hull at any given day, but i am not expecting 3-0 win as some pundits do. I'll be happy with 3 points period. 3-0 or 1-0, win is a win and that's all that matters.

I am amused to see reports of Liverpool boys chatting up their EPL crown expectations. Sure, they should be building on last year, but can they be as lucky as last year? How many games were rescued by late goals? What will Liverpool do if Gerrard or Torres is injured? No doubt they have great team and great players, but beyond first team, do they have enough coverage to challenge for the EPL crown they so desire?
Benitez is an amazing coach, some would call him footballing genius, but will that be enough to wrestle EPL crown from United? I'd expect Liverpool be less lucky, the lightning doesn't strike at the same place twice...

Whole notion of lighting not striking twice is a bs, really, if you look at United, they have done it 3 times and are looking at fourth consecutive win. Fergie wants it, United fans want it (and probably expect it, those arrogant bastids) and surely United players want it, but do they have enough firepower to get it done? Time will show, time doesn't lie. Post Ronaldo era is upon us. Will Valencia and Owen be enough to replace Ronnies goals. Perhaps, but I'd say no. Everyone knows that Owen is one tackle away from the hospital bed and Valencia cannot compare to Ronnie, he is a different fish. Oh, Tevez isn't there to rescue them either... I wonder if it really was a Fergie whom wanted to sell Tevez who is a real fire starter, a spark plug if you will. Surely he will be missed by United. All this said, United seems to be weaker than last year and if you consider that we have not lost any first team players this year, we should have an advantage.
Since we came close to EPL title quite close past couple of years, as a Chelsea fan I am hoping that lightning doesn't strike twice and we can win it again. Oh yes, same could be said about Champions League... we have been close but haven't taste champagne from the cup yet... YET! :)

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