Friday, November 20, 2009

2 weeks of bliss

It's been 2 weeks since we've beaten whiners United. Once again they have proved what sore losers they are. Everyone whined about "controversial" free kick from which we've scored only goal of the game. They forgot to whine about Ninja Evan's karate kick that broke Drogba's rib.
Lamps got away with a potential penalty against us when ball stroke his arm, ref nor linesmen missed it.
I watched game twice on Manure TV, its' amazing how biased commentators are. Especially that old geezer "commentator" who keeps on whining about everything and keeps on saying "dear me". Example? Carvalho gets chopped after the whistle by one of the lumberjacks that play for United... Ol' geezer goes on not about the fault but about how many times Riccy rolled on the ground.. Soviet propaganda machine would be jealous of Manure TV... second time on (week later) they chopped game to pieces.. gone was ninjas kick, and so many other chops by the lumberjacks.
No wonder so many United fans are as whiny as their manager and players, by far worst team from this regard in EPL.
All this said, it's nice to know that for whole 2 weeks they can't do anything about it and surely will have a extra pint or two if Everton can manage to snatch a point from them.
Liverpool and Rafa hosting Citeh this weekend, not even sure whom to place a bet on. So many injuries for reds to deal with.. At times I feel sorry for them, then again, at times I love it ;)
International break brought in more controversy than ever. Henry's hand ball and calls for a replay, once again highlighted need for some sort of video replay. Surely Blatter will not bend to the pressure and maintain that it's just part of the game. Yup, all we can see now is that if you cheat you win.. "fairplay" my a$$. Feel Irish pain today, it's a horrible way to loose.
Russia's dream of playing in South Africa next year was smashed to smithereens when 2 players got red carded. On for being kicked, other for pushing out of the way opposing player that was "warming up"... It must have been Ovrebo in disguise, surely there can't be yet another inept referee!
Tomorrow we're going against Wolves, with Drogs, Lampard, Ballack and Deco missing, we might see some young blood in action. Even Kakuta made it to the bench.. could it be his debut?

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