Friday, November 27, 2009

Winning ways continue..

It's good to see that winning ways continue. 4 goals against Wolves, in a game that saw Essien rise to his best. 2 goals for him was not enough due to all chances he had, but there is no reason to dwell upon that. Win is a win! 3 more points in the bag, so far we sit pretty on top of the table.
Porto game was a bit of a bore. This is probably due to fact that both teams have already qualified for next stage and we were playing almost for the bragging rights (and hopefully weaker opponent). Once again, Anelka has proven to be the nemesis of the Portuguese team.
ManYoo managed to loose to Besiktas at the Old Trafford aka "Theater or wet dreams" but they have picked up whole 3 points last Saturday in the league play.
Liverpool has been eliminated from the CL.. good riddance. Surely 'pooh' fans will go on about lack of Chelsea history and about how many CL titles they have won, in the past. Let them gloat about that, there is no denial past glory. I'll concentrate on our current situation and remind them that they are in second tier "Europa League" now.
I was also surprised by the Arsenal's defeat to Sunderland on Saturday, it must be November. We have fantastic chance to give them second league defeat in 2 weeks this Sunday, should be cracker of a game!

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