Thursday, November 5, 2009

Double, double

Nope, it's not related to Pizza chain. Folks it GTA (Greater Toronto Area) will be familiar with it. We've had 2 fantastic doubles in the game vs Athletico.
Whole game was a bit of a bore to me. First half was frustrating to watch. all but one header, Kalou looked out of place. Joe Cole was completely invisible, but then again, it would be very hard to repeat his performance from previous game. There was no space given to run around the field and perform tricks, nor we could shoot from distance. Drogba did came close to scoring first from a well struck free kick. Did you notice his technique? He likes to side-foot the ball now, I did read somewhere that he is trying to imitate Ronaldo and at times it is working. Keeper did well to save dipping shot.
Petr Cech once again had a brain cramp and decided to go for a ball which would have been cleared by the Chelsea defender. He tends to make bonehead decision once in 3 games, hopefully he has gotten it out of his system as ManU is visiting Bridge this Sunday.
It must have been a stroke of genius by the new Athletico coach to not start Aguero. Once he came on, game has changed in favor of Spanish team. I must admit that this time he did look much better, a player that might be worth all of them millions of pounds we were willing to pay for him this past summer. In any case, his first goal was nothing but pure class. Beautiful volley from an attempted clearance header. Petr had no chance. Deco had similar chance later on and failed miserably...
We were very close to our first defeat in Champions League this season, Aguero's goal came in late. All Athletico had to do is hold on for 10 minutes! Then there was Drogba. He turned game on it's head, scoring twice in 7 minutes. Power, speed, control were displayed by him in both instances, certainly a delightful double.
To Athletico credit, they didn't give up and continued to press for the equalizer. Aguero was as industrious as ever. He does seem to have tendency to go down fast when confronted by opposing defenders, but it worked for him in this game. Once again he won a free kick in teh dangerous position. What came next was another example of his quality. Well placed shot over the wall curled into the corner of the goal. Petr had no chance once again. Yet another delightful double, even tough this one came from the opposing player.
Game ended shortly, single point was enough to ensure Chelsea progress to the last 16 of the Champions League. Well done.

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