Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boys will be boys, Ronnie to Real and more.

Funniest story of the day must be the story about 2 Brazilian soccer stars Ronaldinho and Elano being caught on webcam with their pants down... While they are famous enough to have any company they might like this just proves that boys will be boys and wanking off is for everyone ;) If we hear "wanker, wanker" chants during next Man City's game we'll know whom they are addressed to.

Ronnie to Real rumors just won't die. Now there is new speculation that Ronnie will be sold to Real this summer for 80 million euros. Quite a deal if United can pull it off. Personally I will not miss him in EPL, tired seeing his nearly sobbing face when he misses a chance and his whining when he thinks he has been fouled. Please, go save Galacticos, they surely need you as they can't compete with Barcelona.

I bit of positive news from Chelsea standpoint. It appears that John Terry went into Barcelona's dressing roomright after the game, to congratulate them with the win. Class act, especially if you consider all of the fireworks that went on right after the game. Well done John, you've proved once again why you're Chelsea's and England's captain.

There seem to be quite a few polls on the web now asking if Chelsea should be banned from Champions League next year? Glad to see majority of folks would blame Ovrebo instead. You can't hide the truth from the world when it was evident that ref should be blamed for whole mess. In fact, we should be looking at UEFA and asking them questions why Ovrebo has been appointed to ref such an important game in first place. Shouldn't best deserve best?!?

Guus is calling for video technology introduction in Champions League. Well, it's about time! I always wondered why UEFA /FIFA doesn't introduce such technology? If anything, it would make harder to manipulate games... My friend had a great idea. Have challenges as in NFL. 2 per game, 1 each half. If challenge is lost, team loses one of the subs. Surely this would not add too much time to the game and possibility of losing a sub should be a good deterrent from foolish challenges.

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