Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gloomy day

What a gloomy day today, it's quite cloudy and rainy out there. But this is not the only thing that is making it gloomy. You see, it's Champions League Final today... United playing against Barca, team that got "little" help from "Ovrebo aka Inept Norwegian" and got by Chelsea. Call me sour grapes, but I don't think they (Barca) should be there and to show my disgust with UEFA, I am refusing to watch this game today. This means one less person in the TV audience, few less beers drank at my local establishment and less food eaten, everyone loses... even government misses out on few bux in taxes. I know I am not the only one like this, Nicolas Anelka said that he will not be watching either.
Hopefully all this anger will turn into something good. Guus thinks it might prove to be extra motivation during FA Cup final game. Hope so, although beating Everton will not be easy. They are fantastic team with fantastic manager, who has won yet another manager of the year award. Congratulations Mr. Moyes.
It is starting to rain, clouds getting even darker, just like my mood. Must think of something funny to brighten the day. Here is a good one, Jose thinks that Swen might have swine flu.
Life goes on, Chelsea seemed to have first signing of the summer, Austrian starlet who might have not passed medical due to foot injury.
Deco and Riccy seem to be first out of the door, they might be re-united with Jose at Inter. Surely they will not be only ones sold, who will stay and who will go only next manager will decide. Speaking of managers, it is still unclear will Carlo become next Chelsea manager or not. I don't have warm and fuzzy feeling about him, now he is saying that he might stay at Milan. Everything will be clear this Monday when he will find out if he is fired or not. Well thanks pal, I can see you're just dying to be next Chelsea manager... personally I'd prefer Bilic. He is much younger and he speaks English, little bonus if you want to live and work in London, we all know what happened to last gaffer who had issues with the language ;)

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