Monday, May 11, 2009

On Drogba, Wenger and UEFA

Quite a spanking to Arsenal yesterday, wasn't it? With humor I read that Wenger accused Drogba of diving. Sure, there was very little contact and Drogba went down quite easily. Fabergas received yellow for his suggestion to the ref that Drogba should be carded. In any case, little contact, players going down isn't something new to the game, we see it week in and week out. I do wonder how Wenger missed Adebayour's blatant dive in the second half, there was NO CONTACT whatsoever? It must have been invisible man, surely! Or Wenger didn't miss it, he is just on Drogba bashing bandwagon? Perhaps he should worry more about his own players?
Arsene's player selection, once again, backfired. 5 man midfield did little to stop Chelsea from scoring and inability to finish by Walcott cost Arsenal dearly. Why Bendtner and Adebayour didn't start the game? Arsenal was much more dangerous once those two went on. Fabergas was invisible and Van Persie resembles a shadow of himself. What Arsenal lacks is that big presence in the midfield (Viera) and at least one central defender. Anelkas goal proves my point. So question is, does "Wenger knows" or is he losing the plot?
It was interesting to watch world reaction to the Ovrebo's "performance" and Drogba's outburst after the infamous game vs Barcelona. Surely everyone had a few days to rest and gather their thoughts. There were apologies from Drogba, Ballack and even Bosingwa, none from Overbo nor UEFA. I do wonder why did they ask Ovrebo to re-write his match report and there seem to be quite a "confusion" in regards to the gag order they may or may not has been ordered. I am very interested to see how this will play out, will we see "Fair Play"? Surely "Respect" part seems to be missing here and I am not surprised at all. It is up to UEFA to proved to us all that they are fair and respectful organization, time will show if it is so.

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