Friday, May 8, 2009

On Chelsea vs Barcelona

So here we are, few days past since the fireworks went on. Many opinions on the net for both sides...
Some are willing to crucify Drogba for his outburst, then again if you do, might as well go after Fergie.. and pretty much after every other manager in EPL (and any other league for that matter). What does a man do when he is unhappy? He speaks his mind.. so did Drogba, rightly or not it's another issue.
In any case, Pique admitted that Chelsea was "robbed"...(my hat's ff to him for it) so called "referee" of the game admitted to some "major mistakes"... so what? What will that change? Who's going to take the blame? Chelsea bashers will go after CFC's scalp, but then again how is that different from any other day? I do wonder what would go on in Barcelona if it was barca that was "cheated"? My gwess, riots.. burned cars and eternal condemnation of certain Platini (who should resign ASAP).
Life goes on.. what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! Police outside ref's house "monitoring internet activity" (good luck with that). UEFA over viewing reports... (bunch of paper pushers). But who is to blame for all this mess? I'd say UEFA/FIFA! (Just think of bitter in-fighting going on in Asia right now). Why on eart not choose unexperienced ref for such important tie? What were the reasons for doing so? If anything, games like this should be a reward for job well done.... As far as I am concerned, it is another black eye to the UEFA and if we draw conclusions... well, Champions League sorely missing some sort of video review. It could be "Big Brother" approach such as NHL where everything is being reviewed and if there is such requirement they cal "call down" to the ref and have final word if it was a goal or not. Or one can adapt NFL style of challenges. One of my friends mentioned that if you loose challenge, you loose a sub.. Quite clever! Added time will not amount to 2-3 minutes per game. Surely something like this can be implemented.. not only this will alleviate refs from added pressure it would bring in element of "fairness". Games of such importance cannot be left in single persons hands!
In any case, Champions League supposed to be premier Championship, refereeing should be at the same level.. best refs for the best teams, isn't that the idea? At this point, Champions League is starting to resemble Soviet Union sports leagues with it's preferences to CSKA and Dinamo.

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