Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is delayed reality?

Have you ever been in the position when you could not watch game live for some reason (due to work or your missus wanting to go shopping, etc)? Instead you've recorded it on your PVR or Setanta/FSC will be re-transmitting the game at 9pm. You're staying away from the news pages on the net, you ask your co-workers and friends not to tell you the score, cuz you want to experience game... well "live". It is not as easy as it sounds... especially when you have pop ups, feeds and online buddies eager to inform you as to what's going on. (Try staying away from the net for 6 hours or so). I would say that most difficult are Champions League games as they are played during the week. So you watch a replay or your recording at night. You still shout at the TV and curse the ref (especially during CL games) and might spill your drink while jumping for joy when your beloved team scores (my neighbors must think I am insane as I tend to be quite loud). (To those who don't understand why not go to the pub or go to the game live, well, not everyone lives in UK, move on pal ;) )

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